The #1 Reason Businesses Lose Clients -Are You Guilty of This?

In my 2009 book Don’t Lose Your Home Over It! -Recession Strategy Secrets for Small Businesses I shared some statistics from a survey on why people no longer did business with a company. 1% of those that stopped doing business had died. 3% Moved away from the business’ geographic region. 5% Switched to a competitor […]

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The Secret Social Media Powerhouse – Hiding in Plain Sight

I’m talking about LinkedIn. Everyone has heard of it. For some industries, LinkedIn is entrenched in their daily reality: IT; Recruitment; Project Management; Consulting, to name a few. But why am I referring to it as a Social Media Powerhouse? LinkedIn is the largest professional Social Media platform on the planet. And with over a […]

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Are “Dark Matter Customers” Poised to Impact Your Business?

You probably have a bunch of customers that are effectively invisible to you. If there are enough of them they can make a major impact on your business, and you will never see it coming.   The other day I caught up for coffee with a former colleague. The conversation naturally turned to some of the […]

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Marketing Tip #61 – Your Marketing Persona

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The Pendulum Effect

We have all seen it, and experienced it in one way or another. Over-compensating. It may have been frantically fighting a steering wheel as we start to lose traction when trying to turn. Or it might be trying to keep our balance on an unstable surface, starting with small body shifts one way then the […]

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Inspired by Lorde

    Yesterday Lorde was nominated for four Grammy awards and won two of them.   So why would a forty-some year old bloke with no interest in the Music Industry, and little interest in Music in general feel inspired by this Kiwi teenager?      -Okay, I should have reworked that opening, it did sound […]

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Tapping Your Network in 2014

2014 will be a big year for you. Your role is disappearing, and after 11 years with the company you will be out on your own. Fortunately over the past few years you have built up a reasonable network on LinkedIn, as well as Google+ Facebook and Twitter. You have built up those networks by […]

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Assumption of Consumption – Are You Making this Marketing Mistake?

For too many businesses “Marketing” appears to end with a transaction. Or if the business is progressive it may continue to do some Brand management with it’s customers. But if  you are failing to ensure your clients are consuming your product, you could be costing your business a fortune!

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TEDx Auckland 2013

 Wow! TEDx Auckland 2013 (#TEDxAkl) was certainly bigger, and arguably better, than ever before. In fact it looks like TEDx Auckland 2013 may be the biggest TEDx event ever held anywhere in the world to date.

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Finance: The 4 Biggest Mistakes New Businesses Make

  I have to admit that finance and general money management is a weakness for me personally. I have to really work to focus on it, and I am usually better having someone else do most of the heavy lifting. So you won’t see me writing a post on money management or finance anytime soon… […]

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