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The Pendulum Effect

We have all seen it, and experienced it in one way or another. Over-compensating. It may have been frantically fighting a steering wheel as we start to lose traction when trying to turn. Or it might be trying to keep our balance on an unstable surface, starting with small body shifts one way then the […]

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Importance of Margins in a Recession

In this video Chris talks about one of the key elements that will determine the success of your business in a recession.

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Free Google Ads for NZ Businesses…

This is a quick post, a little different to my normal posts, but I just have to get this info out to our regular veiwers.

Google have offered NZ businesses a “stimulus package” to help generate sales for your business. This is in the form of $75 advertising credit with Google for NZ businesses.

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Recession Strategy Book for Small Business

I have spent the last few months writing a book for small businesses entitled:

Don’t Lose Your Home Over It! – Recession Strategy Secrets for Small Businesses

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How to Profit from the Recession with your Small Business

In this episode of The Profit Wizard Show, Chris warns of the seduction of the Dark Side (getting a corporate job), and gives you some things you can do to minimise the downside impacts, and maximise the upside opportunities presented by the current economic climate and coming recession. <The link to the action step program […]

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