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Are “Dark Matter Customers” Poised to Impact Your Business?

You probably have a bunch of customers that are effectively invisible to you. If there are enough of them they can make a major impact on your business, and you will never see it coming.   The other day I caught up for coffee with a former colleague. The conversation naturally turned to some of the […]

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Assumption of Consumption – Are You Making this Marketing Mistake?

For too many businesses “Marketing” appears to end with a transaction. Or if the business is progressive it may continue to do some Brand management with it’s customers. But if  you are failing to ensure your clients are consuming your product, you could be costing your business a fortune!

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Connecting with LinkedIn Groups

    LinkedIn is a great resource for business owners and employees alike. And the lifeblood of LinkedIn are the groups. With our friends from Integrated Alliances The Profit Wizard has a LinkedIn Groups resource for you.   I really can’t say enough about how groups bring LinkedIn to life for me. There are a […]

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Mastery is Not Enough!

Most business owners are very good at what they do. They take pride in their work, and they have their own business because it is something they are passionate about. These are good qualities, but they become a liability when these same business owners delude themselves to believing that Mastery is all they need to […]

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12 Reasons Why the Beauty Industry Rules!

On the face of it this is a strange topic for me. What do I know about the beauty industry? I mean, I’m a guy in his mid forties who has never had a manicure or pedicure in his life, who pays $10 for a #4 buzz cut four times a year… But I do […]

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How To Quickly Create a Competitive Advantage in Your Marketplace

So you want to make your business successful but those pesky competitors keep stealing your prospects? Fear not! This guide to quickly creating a competitive advantage will soon have your competitors worried about you instead!   A competitive advantage is often mis-understood, or not considered strategically. In this Video you will learn what you can […]

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Business Networking – After the Event

  Following up from last week’s video on how to comfortably and effectively network at business networking events, in this video Chris answers some questions about how to proceed after the event…

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Business Networking – How to Effectively & Comfortably Promote Your Business at Events

  So you want to get some more clients or customers, but you get that cold empty feeling in your stomach when you think about pitching all night at a business networking event… In this short video Chris talks about the biggest mistakes business owners make when they are trying to promote their businesses. Of […]

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Thumbs up or down?

Welcome to the ‘Thumbs Up’ Economy

Does it seem like this Social Media thing is just a popularity contest? Does it frustrate you that people seem to make a snap judgement on your business/product/service without even taking the time to try and understand what you are all about? Well I am not going to sugar-coat it: Welcome to the real world. […]

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Key Influencers – The Next Frontier for CRM?

  Yesterday as part of my role with Telecom NZ, I attended the Data Advisory Network (DAN) breakfast meeting.   DAN is a sub-group within the Marketing Association that specifically deals with the data side of contacting customers. Most are from the marketing campaigns side of things, dealing with demographics etc. And a few, like […]

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