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Marketing Tip #61 – Your Marketing Persona

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5 Project Management Lessons from the V48Hour Film Competition

  Entering a novice team into the V48 Hour Film Competition in New Zealand was a unique, and fun, experience. Here are some lessons that we learned about managing a project team…   Below is a quick video I did with the 5 lessons learned from the competition. Below that you can see the film […]

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Lori Ruff -Linkedin Diva

Interview: Lori Ruff – The LinkedIn Diva

Following my previous post on getting started with LinkedIn, I came across Lori in Google+ Not only did Lori agree to an interview she offered the best free training package I have ever seen! This interview has some fantastic content, and I know everyone listening will get some great info from Lori. Not just for […]

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How To Quickly Create a Competitive Advantage in Your Marketplace

So you want to make your business successful but those pesky competitors keep stealing your prospects? Fear not! This guide to quickly creating a competitive advantage will soon have your competitors worried about you instead!   A competitive advantage is often mis-understood, or not considered strategically. In this Video you will learn what you can […]

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Business Networking – After the Event

  Following up from last week’s video on how to comfortably and effectively network at business networking events, in this video Chris answers some questions about how to proceed after the event…

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Business Networking – How to Effectively & Comfortably Promote Your Business at Events

  So you want to get some more clients or customers, but you get that cold empty feeling in your stomach when you think about pitching all night at a business networking event… In this short video Chris talks about the biggest mistakes business owners make when they are trying to promote their businesses. Of […]

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5 Tips for Rapid Business Growth

Brendon Burchard of the Experts Academy issued a challenge to add value to readers/viewers with a quick 5 tips that will improve their lives.   So here is my response 5 Tips for Rapid Business Growth:

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What Can Synergistic Processes Do For Your Business?

Okay so in the past couple of posts I have mentioned Synergistic Processes for Synergistic Business Growth… So what on earth is that??? This video should help answer that question…  

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Phoenix (& Martin Howey) Changed My Life! – Can they change yours too??

  As most of the people who follow my blog will have noticed, I have made a radical change in my approach to helping small businesses in the week-and-a-half since I returned from Phoenix…   In this quick video I shot last night I explain what it is that has made this fundamental shift. I […]

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Phoenix Visit – Are You suffering from this Scotoma with your Business?

  In this video I discuss how transferable marketing skills are around the world and I share an interesting point brought up by a business owner in Phoenix. I also admit to the effect a poor first impression makes…. This is the video from my phone of the Rock ‘n’ Taco:

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