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Are “Dark Matter Customers” Poised to Impact Your Business?

You probably have a bunch of customers that are effectively invisible to you. If there are enough of them they can make a major impact on your business, and you will never see it coming.   The other day I caught up for coffee with a former colleague. The conversation naturally turned to some of the […]

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Marketing Tip #61 – Your Marketing Persona

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Tapping Your Network in 2014

2014 will be a big year for you. Your role is disappearing, and after 11 years with the company you will be out on your own. Fortunately over the past few years you have built up a reasonable network on LinkedIn, as well as Google+ Facebook and Twitter. You have built up those networks by […]

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Assumption of Consumption – Are You Making this Marketing Mistake?

For too many businesses “Marketing” appears to end with a transaction. Or if the business is progressive it may continue to do some Brand management with it’s customers. But if  you are failing to ensure your clients are consuming your product, you could be costing your business a fortune!

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Mastery is Not Enough!

Most business owners are very good at what they do. They take pride in their work, and they have their own business because it is something they are passionate about. These are good qualities, but they become a liability when these same business owners delude themselves to believing that Mastery is all they need to […]

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12 Reasons Why the Beauty Industry Rules!

On the face of it this is a strange topic for me. What do I know about the beauty industry? I mean, I’m a guy in his mid forties who has never had a manicure or pedicure in his life, who pays $10 for a #4 buzz cut four times a year… But I do […]

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Adwords Express – A Boon for Local Business Owners?

I have often talked about the importance of Google Places for small business owners. -Basically if you have a local business where you want people to come and see you, or you go out and service local clients then you need to have your business on Google Places. Well Google has come up with a […]

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Who Benefits from Charity or Mentoring?

   Often when I see a specific example I ask myself: What is happening here? Who is benefiting?   I would like you to take a moment to watch the embedded video of Ivanka Trump and what was requested of her through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and then I will suggest what I think is going […]

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The Measure of Influence: Klout vs. KickStarter

Social Media is all about influence, so it makes sense that we want to measure that. But what is the best measure of influence? -How much your content is shared or how much money your fans are willing to spend?

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Tactical Tips: LinkedIn

  In this Tactical Tips post you will find detailed instructions on how to quickly set up an effective LinkedIn profile, and network that can help you get a permanent role or project/contract work.  

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