About Chris Hanlon

Chris Hanlon is the Author of: Don’t Lose Your Home Over It! -Recession Strategy Secrets for Small Businesses¬† and The Web 3.0 Opportunity. Both books focus on helping small businesses to increase their profitability, get more customers (the right kind of customers), and set your business up so that it becomes stress free.

As an Author with a background in corporate training, sales and marketing Chris is comfortable speaking both to large audiences and smaller groups in a workshop setting.

Chris is affiliated with the Topline Business Solutions network of 1400 business consultants around the world. The strategies that Chris teaches in workshops, seminars and his coaching groups* have been proven in the real world and have generated hundreds of millions of dollars for businesses from Honeywell; hp; Coca Cola; AT&T; and Black & Decker all the way through to the one person accounting or law practice. -and everything in between.

It is these proven strategies and documented processes that Chris helps his consulting clients* to implement in their business to increase profitability, create geometric business growth, remove stress from the business, and turn the business into a saleable asset so the owner can ‘cash-out’ should they wish.

Chris is also a retired Shodan (black belt) in Kyokushin Karate, but maintains a reasonable level of fitness. He is active in charity work and has been fundraising for the NZ Cancer Society through the Relay for Life for the past 5 years. For the past couple of years he has supported the Oxfam Charity by participating in the NZ Oxfam Trailwalk, a distance of 100km.

Chris is currently based in Hamilton, New Zealand.

*For more information on the services mentioned, see the services page.