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Connecting with LinkedIn Groups

    LinkedIn is a great resource for business owners and employees alike. And the lifeblood of LinkedIn are the groups. With our friends from Integrated Alliances The Profit Wizard has a LinkedIn Groups resource for you.   I really can’t say enough about how groups bring LinkedIn to life for me. There are a […]

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How Social is Social Media?

  Remember your Mum urging you to go outside and play with your friends? Making you feel a little guilty about being on your computer too long?   I think a lot of us are still feeling that way about our gaming or social networking even now as adults. I get a lot of comments […]

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Lori Ruff -Linkedin Diva

Interview: Lori Ruff – The LinkedIn Diva

Following my previous post on getting started with LinkedIn, I came across Lori in Google+ Not only did Lori agree to an interview she offered the best free training package I have ever seen! This interview has some fantastic content, and I know everyone listening will get some great info from Lori. Not just for […]

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Tactical Tips: LinkedIn

  In this Tactical Tips post you will find detailed instructions on how to quickly set up an effective LinkedIn profile, and network that can help you get a permanent role or project/contract work.  

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What the Wahooly?!; Media Mingle; City Hop; and Generator

Time to share some of the interesting stuff from the past few days… Media Mingle I have been asked to travel up to Auckland to attend a Media Mingle event(#mediamingle) for months and months now, but the timing never clicked until last night. I had a ball! If you ever get the chance to go, […]

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Thumbs up or down?

Welcome to the ‘Thumbs Up’ Economy

Does it seem like this Social Media thing is just a popularity contest? Does it frustrate you that people seem to make a snap judgement on your business/product/service without even taking the time to try and understand what you are all about? Well I am not going to sugar-coat it: Welcome to the real world. […]

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Key Influencers – The Next Frontier for CRM?

  Yesterday as part of my role with Telecom NZ, I attended the Data Advisory Network (DAN) breakfast meeting.   DAN is a sub-group within the Marketing Association that specifically deals with the data side of contacting customers. Most are from the marketing campaigns side of things, dealing with demographics etc. And a few, like […]

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Are You Linked In to Your Customers?

LinkedIn is a great social networking site for whitecollar workers. If you or your customers already fit that description then you probably already know about it, if you don’t you are missing out! I am on LinkedIn on a daily basis, mostly for industry news and tips. On LinkedIn I follow the telecommunications industry (my […]

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Tweet This Book!

I have just been reading the free pdf ebook: Tweet this Book by Vaughn Davis. I haven’t even finished it, but thought I should pop on here and make mention of it,  so that you can grab a free copy too… Not only is it a funny read, (New Zealand humour might not be for […]

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