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Inspired by Lorde

    Yesterday Lorde was nominated for four Grammy awards and won two of them.   So why would a forty-some year old bloke with no interest in the Music Industry, and little interest in Music in general feel inspired by this Kiwi teenager?      -Okay, I should have reworked that opening, it did sound […]

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TEDx Auckland 2013

 Wow! TEDx Auckland 2013 (#TEDxAkl) was certainly bigger, and arguably better, than ever before. In fact it looks like TEDx Auckland 2013 may be the biggest TEDx event ever held anywhere in the world to date.

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The Icarus Deception – A wakeup call

 I was aware of Seth Godin’s new book before it was even started, when it appeared on Kickstarter as a crowd-funded project. I didn’t fund the project. I meant to, but I didn’t get back to the page. But when I saw it on the Kindle store I bought it immediately, then I took a […]

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Connecting with LinkedIn Groups

    LinkedIn is a great resource for business owners and employees alike. And the lifeblood of LinkedIn are the groups. With our friends from Integrated Alliances The Profit Wizard has a LinkedIn Groups resource for you.   I really can’t say enough about how groups bring LinkedIn to life for me. There are a […]

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A Post from Chris’ Cat

  I want to be fed! But I guess Chris has taken off to Auckland again for work. Every now and again he leaves me to fend for myself overnight. Sure he leaves some extra dry crunchy food in my bowl, but I still don’t like him staying out all night. Fortunately he left his […]

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TEDx Auckland 2012 -Part Two

  This is my experience of the afternoon at TEDx Auckland, my experience of the morning is outlined in the previous post.   Session 3 After lunch we got to hear from a band called Five Mile Town performing their song The Lucky Ones. I enjoyed it, but not being the musical sort I will […]

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TEDx Auckland 2012 -Part One

This is my take on the first half (morning) of TEDx Auckland 2012.

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Artistry & Mastery: The Missing Ingredients

Have you ever awoken with that hole in your soul? That sort of empty feeling that needs to be kept at bay by busy work, or else it threatens to engulf you entirely. It is hard to identify and even harder to ignore, and it makes you question. What am I doing here? Why am […]

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Why TEDx Auckland is Like the Chiefs Win

Nobody really expected the Chiefs to make the Super 14 final. Let alone be 2012 Champions…   Why? Because they have not performed at that level in the past. Other than their passionate fans, they were an underdog or an after thought to the rest of the competition. But it was that unexpected result which […]

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How Social is Social Media?

  Remember your Mum urging you to go outside and play with your friends? Making you feel a little guilty about being on your computer too long?   I think a lot of us are still feeling that way about our gaming or social networking even now as adults. I get a lot of comments […]

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