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How To Quickly Create a Competitive Advantage in Your Marketplace

So you want to make your business successful but those pesky competitors keep stealing your prospects? Fear not! This guide to quickly creating a competitive advantage will soon have your competitors worried about you instead!   A competitive advantage is often mis-understood, or not considered strategically. In this Video you will learn what you can […]

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Business Networking – How to Effectively & Comfortably Promote Your Business at Events

  So you want to get some more clients or customers, but you get that cold empty feeling in your stomach when you think about pitching all night at a business networking event… In this short video Chris talks about the biggest mistakes business owners make when they are trying to promote their businesses. Of […]

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Phoenix Visit – Are You suffering from this Scotoma with your Business?

  In this video I discuss how transferable marketing skills are around the world and I share an interesting point brought up by a business owner in Phoenix. I also admit to the effect a poor first impression makes…. This is the video from my phone of the Rock ‘n’ Taco:

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Advertising Conversation

I find this video quite clever, and very accurate. Obviously it is aimed at the bigger advertisers but there is food for thought for any sized business.

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What use is a Facebook plug-in to your business?

I had a few questions from people I know about the facebook plugins that I have on this blog site. First watch this video from Facebook itself so we are all on the same page, then we will look at the relevance to your business after the video. Using this for your business Now key […]

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7 Things Retailers MUST do this Christmas for a Profitable Year

In this video Chris talks about how you can maximise your business profits for the Christmas period.

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Social Media Marketing – Satire

Okay, another post that is not one of my usual ‘shows’…

This is a YouTube video that I think is absolutely brilliant. Don’t let the use of bad language in the video distract you from being able to learn from it.

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Are Comedians the Best Marketers on the Planet?

Are Comedians the best marketers on the planet? -What do you think?
In this latest video of The Profit Wizard Show, Chris explores why he believes this might be the case.

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Free Google Ads for NZ Businesses…

This is a quick post, a little different to my normal posts, but I just have to get this info out to our regular veiwers.

Google have offered NZ businesses a “stimulus package” to help generate sales for your business. This is in the form of $75 advertising credit with Google for NZ businesses.

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How Should I advertise my business? –Part 2

In this edition of The Profit Wizard Show we look at what Direct Response advertising is, why it is the best strategy for advertising for your business, How any business can adopt a Direct Response component; what a widget is and how to create one for your business.

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