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The Measure of Influence: Klout vs. KickStarter

Social Media is all about influence, so it makes sense that we want to measure that. But what is the best measure of influence? -How much your content is shared or how much money your fans are willing to spend?

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The Perfect Team

Many times I have told the story of the best team I was ever a part of.  A team that was considered inferior, but became the gold standard for output in our corporation.   Everything that I am writing here happened by chance, but the point is that by understanding how it worked, you should […]

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Google and The Internet -a History

Okay this was seriously too cool not to share! Below is an interactive infographic, scroll down and see the history of Google. Be sure and click on the plus (+) signs that come up each year as it gives a snapshot of what happened that year, which browsers were popular what the most popular meme […]

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What the Wahooly?!; Media Mingle; City Hop; and Generator

Time to share some of the interesting stuff from the past few days… Media Mingle I have been asked to travel up to Auckland to attend a Media Mingle event(#mediamingle) for months and months now, but the timing never clicked until last night. I had a ball! If you ever get the chance to go, […]

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Investment or Gamble?

“Gamble” Or “Investment”?

We have all had those conversations, right? People who know us, like us but just don’t ‘get’ us. Sometimes it makes you wonder yourself…   I was catching up with my friend Stuart the other day, we had not seen each other for a while. He commented on how busy I appeard to be. So […]

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My Unconference Experience

I know what you are thinking: “What the hell is an Unconference? And why should I care?!” Well you may care if your realised what an opportunity it presents to you and your business,  but I will get to that. Let me first answer your question about what an Unconference (also referred to as a […]

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Google Wallet

Update: The arrival of Google Wallet has been announced for New Zealand This is a pretty long video but is worth the watch and definitely something many small businesses should be keeping an eye on, particularly retailers. My thanks to Vaughn Davis, at the Goat Farm, who I got this from.

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Angry Birds: A success story

Thanks to Darryl Gatward who I got this from. In this video are some real gems to ponder including: Start with a huge goal People hate learning something new, so make your product accessible to explore and learn immediately You have to be a little naive -Which I think means don’t wait until you know […]

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Ignorance is Bliss (Oxfam Trailwalk)

Ignorance is Bliss… I always thought this was a trite and pointless saying until now. This weekend I and three of my Telecom team-mates took up the NZ Oxfam Trail walker 2011 challenge. We thought it would be challenging -this is where that ‘ignorance is bliss’ comes in. I have done a number of challenging, […]

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Advertising Conversation

I find this video quite clever, and very accurate. Obviously it is aimed at the bigger advertisers but there is food for thought for any sized business.

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