Angry Birds: A success story

Thanks to Darryl Gatward who I got this from.

In this video are some real gems to ponder including:

  • Start with a huge goal
  • People hate learning something new, so make your product accessible to explore and learn immediately
  • You have to be a little naive -Which I think means don’t wait until you know it all just go out and start…
  • Leave space for the imagination of your audience to fill. Often the untold story is more compelling than that told.

In my new book: The Web 3.0 Opportunity (available on Kindle) I mention Angry Birds, and the fact that Kevin Rose mentioned that at their peak they were bringing in millions a month in revenue -This was mentioned on this episode of the Random Show. Which incidentally has a good 10 mins on mobile apps from about the 5 min mark.

But the opportunity is not limited to games. There are a number of opportunities that will be coming up to help your small business get more customers or help you stay in the mind of your current customers.

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