Tweet This Book!

I have just been reading the free pdf ebook: Tweet this Book by Vaughn Davis.

I haven’t even finished it, but thought I should pop on here and make mention of it,  so that you can grab a free copy too…

Not only is it a funny read, (New Zealand humour might not be for everyone, but I find it hilarious), I find that Vaughn articulates some of the thoughts I included in my book better than I have.

For example:

“By listening to the bad things people are saying about you, and looking behind the anger, you’ll often find a temporarily disappointed brand advocate… it only takes one bad experience to go from advocate to badvocate!”

In my book I make this point as one of the first reasons any small business should be involved in Social Media… But Vaughn says it in a more memorable way.

Also Vaughn is a kindred spirit in terms of his attitude to Direct Response Marketing principles. “Why would you do anything else?” So I recommend this book to anyone who follows my way of thinking.

Incidentally I have never met Vaughn, and I got this link to his book through LinkedIn somehow (I must work out how!)

Anyway here is where you can go to get a copy of the book:
Tweet This Book!

It is an immediate download. It is free… Well almost! In order to get a copy of the book it requires you to Tweet or post to your facebook page using the built in app (very simple).

Let me know what you think below…

(And I may add some more comments when I have finished the book!!)

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