Free Google Ads for NZ Businesses…

This is a quick post, a little different to my normal posts, but I just have to get this info out to our regular veiwers.

Google have offered NZ businesses a “stimulus package” to help generate sales for your business. This is in the form of $75 advertising credit with Google for NZ businesses.

If you have not used Google for advertising before this is a fantastic opportnity to ‘get your feet wet’ as it were, with zero rsk to you (if you do it right).

There is little point in my giving instruction here on how to do this, as Google has a very comprehensive training system, which is better than anything I could put together for you here. My only advice is to ensure that you set your daily limits wisely so that you have the chance to experiment and learn.

To claim your “stimulus package” from Google go to the link below:

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    Hi from google Google-TCW

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    That is bloody ordinary isn’t it?

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