A Post from Chris’ Cat


I want to be fed!

But I guess Chris has taken off to Auckland again for work. Every now and again he leaves me to fend for myself overnight. Sure he leaves some extra dry crunchy food in my bowl, but I still don’t like him staying out all night.

Fortunately he left his laptop on and although I can’t talk my typing is pretty good for someone with paws instead of fingers.

I don’t know where he gets off calling his blog The Profit Wizard?!
I mean I know he wrote that book for business owners to help them to handle the recession. But that was years ago. His second book wasn’t really on the same subject although that was for business owners too, looking at how the mobile revolution is likely to impact their business.

But let’s face it Chris hasn’t exactly earned millions of dollars with his own business has he?

Yes he has run lots of businesses, (mostly before I was around), and has been involved in sales and marketing for a long time. I suppose it is good for someone to have had experience in sales by going to sales appointments and leaving with a signed contract. Even selling door-to-door and making a living on a commission only basis.

The truth is that I tend to get bored here a little.

I mean Chris is pretty good at letting me sit on his lap while he works at the computer or when he is reading, or those rare times he puts the TV on. But usually the place is quiet except for his muttering like an insane person as he reads about some new technique or idea for marketing, communicating, training or selling.

I am pleased that he doesn’t get many visitors. I really don’t like most people.

I remember when he had all those people over to film the 48 hour film thing here at my house. (I let him think it’s his house, it seems to comfort him). That was madness. I tried to keep out of the way. Unfortunately he seems to be doing more of these movies, and people are scheduled to come back here for shooting again soon.

I did overhear him on the phone telling someone that he is learning a great deal about filming so that he can more effectively create a platform to sell an idea, or product or service on the internet. But I doubt filming zombies will help him to sell much!

I’ll never understand why he bothers with all this blog and book business, when he could be quite content curled up in the sun like I am.

I do know that he read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, and he believes he is following his own “personal legend”. My legend is to be able to nap, wake up and pounce on a bird or mouse without a moment’s pause. It hasn’t happened yet, but I still practice. Sometimes I practice on Chris if he is nearby when I wake up.

But I guess he has a point, the world would be a better place if everyone pursued their passion or their own personal legend.

And he seems happy enough posting on his blog, reading his books, making his movies, and writing the three books he is working on at the moment.

I know he also enjoys helping people out with their business, he is always so excited when he is helping solve a problem for a consulting or coaching client.

-I love that because I know that when he is in that mood I can rub against his leg and I will likely get an extra treat.

Oh well, the sun is moving away from the laptop, and I think I will follow it to the bedroom.

I hope Chris doesn’t get annoyed at my post.


PS if you visit make sure you bring some cat treats with you. My favourites are “Temptations”.

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I am a world record holder at sleeping. Not just any sleeping though. My specialty is annoyance sleeping. That's where I fall asleep on someone in such a way that they don't want to move. You have to train your mount effectively by clawing them from time to time if they disturb you while you're sleeping...

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  1. Sue October 20, 2012 at 6:24 pm #

    Hi Tas, nice post. It is great to see you keeing tabs on Chris’ various projects that are on the go at the moment.
    I am glad you dont have the same enthusiasm for brackets that Chris does.
    Enjoy sleeping in the sunshine patch.

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