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Who Benefits from Charity or Mentoring?

  ¬†Often when I see a specific example I ask myself: What is happening here? Who is benefiting?   I would like you to take a moment to watch the embedded video of Ivanka Trump and what was requested of her through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and then I will suggest what I think is going […]

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The Perfect Team

Many times I have told the story of the best team I was ever a part of.¬† A team that was considered inferior, but became the gold standard for output in our corporation.   Everything that I am writing here happened by chance, but the point is that by understanding how it worked, you should […]

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5 Project Management Lessons from the V48Hour Film Competition

  Entering a novice team into the V48 Hour Film Competition in New Zealand was a unique, and fun, experience. Here are some lessons that we learned about managing a project team…   Below is a quick video I did with the 5 lessons learned from the competition. Below that you can see the film […]

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Interview: Lynne Le Gros – A Marketer’s Perspective

  This week I got the opportunity to speak with Lynne Le Gros, Head of Marketing for Business at Telecom New Zealand Ltd. I asked Lynne some questions including: What she thinks the biggest issues facing Small to Medium Enterprises in New Zealand is right now What she sees that Telecom can do to help […]

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It’s Okay to be Scared… But Never Give Up

Alright this is a little different for The Profit Wizard blog as I don’t really do reviews on this site, but for book this I will make an exception. -Hey rules are meant to be broken! It keeps life interesting. I first met Martin Howey in Chicago, in 2006 I think. He was introduced to […]

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How To Quickly Create a Competitive Advantage in Your Marketplace

So you want to make your business successful but those pesky competitors keep stealing your prospects? Fear not! This guide to quickly creating a competitive advantage will soon have your competitors worried about you instead!   A competitive advantage is often mis-understood, or not considered strategically. In this Video you will learn what you can […]

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Skinny: Brand Fail??!

I have heard many times the folly of relying on branded campaigns. This experience just cements that advice for me… Yesterday I went for a full day gym ‘workshop’ with a few friends (all much younger than me – I mention that for a reason). One of the guys was wearing some plastic sunglasses branded […]

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5 Tips for Rapid Business Growth

Brendon Burchard of the Experts Academy issued a challenge to add value to readers/viewers with a quick 5 tips that will improve their lives.   So here is my response 5 Tips for Rapid Business Growth:

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The Real Work is Done in the Dojo! (Or the Office)

This is the time of year when you think about what you did and didn’t do in the last year, and start thinking what you will do in the coming year. Hopefully this will help…   I fought in full-contact Karate tournaments for ten years, and I coached & helped coach other fighters for at […]

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What Can Synergistic Processes Do For Your Business?

Okay so in the past couple of posts I have mentioned Synergistic Processes for Synergistic Business Growth… So what on earth is that??? This video should help answer that question…  

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