Dangers of Web Designers for your small business

I did this really quickly intending to put it only on The Profit Wizard Facebook page…
But I thought I would put it in here too.

Why am I so passionate about this?
Well my mother began a start up about a year ago. I was very supportive of the effort, she needs an income that will allow her to stop waiting tables. But one of the things that really threatened her business early on was the website designer.

She had taken on an investor that said she had to have a website. -Which I am all for.
But there was no thought given to the purpose of the website or how it fit into her business model. The money she spent on the website design would have been far better spent on advertising to get customers and test the market.

I firmly believe that anyone can put up a website on a shoestring budget using wordpress. And initially this is probably what they should do.
Most businesses find that they change fairly quickly. If you have to pay a web designer to change it you are just throwing away more money. Better (IMHO) to do a reasonable job yourself, tweak it until it works. -A process Michael Masterson refers to as finding your OSS -Optimal Selling Strategy.

When you have that figured out, then pay the web designer, because you will know exactly what you want and how it will support your business model…

Anyway I would love to hear comments on this:

  • Any web designers taking umbrage at my comments?
  • Anyone who has had a similar experience?
  • Anyone who believes they have a better answer?


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